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Precision Measurement Engineering, an innovator of freshwater and oceanographic research devices for organizations worldwide for over 30 years, was experiencing rapid growth in current product lines, increased innovation from R&D, and partnership requests from other organizations.  PME's CEO recognized that they needed help and began seeking expertise in marketing, in order to position the company to take advantage of the opportunities and drive business growth in a scalable and sustainable manner.


Upstart Group was brought onboard to be the Acting Chief Marketing Officer.  We began working with PME's CEO in strategic discussions and planning to create a marketing strategy that supports PME's growth.  Our team has also been guiding the development of PME's current marketing tactics such as trade show plans, email marketing campaigns, and PR initiatives. We are teaching the PME team how to set marketing goals and apply measurement to understand what activities are most effective in supporting sales.

Recognizing that there was expertise needed in other areas of the C-Suite, we helped connect the CEO to executive coaches, organizational development experts, sales strategists, and general counsel to further support the company's successful expansion and planning for the future.


Working closely with the CEO, Upstart Group has significantly impacted successful strategic planning and improved product focus for the coming year.  To date the new tactical initiatives we introduced to get more value from PME's trade shows and email marketing campaigns resulted in more than double the booth traffic over previous years, and a significant increase in trade show leads.  We anticipate posting additional positive results and positive return on marketing spend as we move forward into 2016.

Posted on:

February 25, 2016


I was looking for someone who could help me navigate the waters of marketing, branding, and PR when I found Upstart Group. We are a fairly small business and needed help managing the various products, understanding our customers and market potential. We have worked with various consultants in the past, but Upstart Group is different.  They were quickly able to see my long-term vision, and then bring me back down to the tactical initiatives needed in order to reach particular goals.

I love working with Upstart Group because they help me understand how various business initiatives should be pursued, tracked and then analyzed. They have the ability to create strategic and organized plans, which provides me peace of mind because I'm no longer blindly jumping in. I'm now more effectively looking at how my decisions should promote company health and growth, and understanding at a new level how properly preparing for future events will provide the company with the highest return.

The value that I'm receiving from Upstart Group cannot even be quantified because I have not only learned an immense amount from them, but also the expert contacts they recommended are supporting our business to blossom.

I'm excited for the future and know that PME is in good hands with Upstart Group.

Kristin Elliott, Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc CEO

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