Growing Your Business with a Fractional CMO

Upstart Group’s CEO, Sue Sanford, and President, Lynn Fulks, recently sat down with Dan Weedin and JB Wilson, Co-Hosts of the Shrimp Tank Podcast to discuss all things fractional marketing. We highlight some of the main discussion points here, and encourage you to watch the full episode below.

What is Fractional Marketing

You hear the term “fractional” everywhere these days, but what does it really mean to hire a fractional team member? In Upstart Group’s case, it means we bring our expertise to small to midsize businesses (SMBs) where we serve as the part-time marketing executive and/or full marketing team. This provides business owners the level of experience they need to drive strategies for their business, not just marketing tactics, without the overhead of a full-time employee (FTE).

Watch the full episode below as Sue explores how fractional marketing has become more widely accepted over the last ten years as Upstart Group and other firms have implemented this fractional model.

The Importance of a CMO, Even for SMBs

If you’re a small company, or even a startup, you may believe there isn’t a need for a CMO on your team, but in reality, there might not be a need for a full-time CMO. Even small companies have a leadership team, and if there isn’t a senior marketer sitting at that table, there isn’t anyone on the leadership team that is looking at marketing across the whole organization. Believe it or not, marketing truly does touch every part of your organization and is a critical piece for driving business growth.

Lynn discusses this further in the full episode below.  Give it a watch to learn how a good CMO adds value to the C-Suite and how they can work to support your company as a whole, and not just the marketing department.

The Shrimp Tank Podcast – Sue Sanford & Lynn Fulks – Entrepreneur Spotlight

For those of you who watch, or listen, and are left wondering, “Where did the term ‘bated breath’ come from?”, we saved you the Google search. According to, the phrase ‘bated breath’ was first mentioned in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, written in 1596. The word ‘bated’ is an abbreviation of the word ‘abated’, meaning ‘to lessen in severity or amount’. Thus, the phrase in its entirety means to hold one’s breath due to suspense, trepidation, or fear. So now you know!

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