Our Team | Experienced Marketing Leadership



A united team with a shared vision.

A collaboration of experts charting a plan for the future of your business.

At the heart of it all is a passion for success, the courage to take risks
and the aptitude to course-correct.

Our purpose, our mission, to is to reach the destination together.

Our Values

For us, the most exciting part of what we do lies in the journey itself. At Upstart Group, we thrive on the discovery and exploration of uncharted territories and finding solutions to challenges that test our capabilities and fuel our creativity.

A commitment to your success is what drives us to learn new things and build relationships that enrich our lives and help others thrive.

Through collaboration, trust and passion, not only can we accomplish anything, but we also become better people for our clients, families and communities along the way.



We make a difference by who we are and how we treat others as well as by the work we do.

We care about our clients and come alongside to help them achieve their dreams.

Our families, partners, and community benefit from our success.



Work is fun and exciting.

We engage our passion by learning new things.

We and our partners grow with every project.

We relish jobs that test our resourcefulness and our mettle.

We get the job done or bring in those who can.



Connecting with others increases our strength.

Inclusiveness multiplies our talent; acceptance stimulates thought, effort, and teamwork.

We build trust through hard work and plain speaking, and we expect others to practice the same.

We are “present” in our relationships, actively listening and actively responding to the needs of others.



We practice leaps of faith—in ourselves, with others, and with the world.

Our ethics make us a trustworthy partner, enabling us to negotiate the road to success honestly and predictably.

We temper our enthusiasm with common sense, humor, and decades of practical living.

Healthy and balanced lives replenish our energies and refresh our minds for work.

Founders & Marketing Executives

If you’re looking for proven expertise to help your company grow, you’re in the right place. Throughout our careers, Upstart Group founders and marketing executives have helped dozens of companies leverage the power of marketing strategies and tactics to ignite sales and grow revenue. Our collective backgrounds span a variety of industries and businesses of all sizes, from global enterprises to up-and-coming startups.

Accelerators of top and bottom line growth via global marketing, product management, strategic planning and business development, we bring exceptional experience in strategic thinking, product launches, brand differentiation, and driving unwavering sales/marketing alignment.

Sue’s background spans a variety of industries and includes businesses of all sizes, from global giant Microsoft to up-and-coming startups. During her tenure at Microsoft Sue led the development and execution of marketing programs to promote Microsoft partner solutions to enterprise level customers. She managed staff and cross-functional partner marketing teams from product management, OEM, consulting, to other related divisions. ... Read More
Lynn’s drive for results is matched only by the strength of the personal connection she forges with her clients, making her a valued member of their management team. As President and Co-Founder at Upstart Group, Lynn works with clients to build strong marketing foundations which include product management and marketing communications strategies to drive growth. ... Read More
Debora Demarest is a strategic global marketing visionary with a robust scientific foundation.  She has a solid track record with 22+ life sciences companies identifying customer needs and market opportunities translating them into business-building programs. She has a proactive ability to establish collaborative alliances with physicians, scientists, sales, investors, employees, international affiliates, acquired and merged companies. ... Read More

Managers, Coordinators & Specialists

With marketing experience spanning non-profits to the strictly regulated finance world, and certifications from Google Analytics, HubSpot, Hootsuite, and SharpSpring, Shanna’s digital marketing knowledge is adaptable to a vast array of tasks. As a Marketing Manager, she manages social media channels, develops case studies, curates content, supports email and other campaign development, and provides support to the marketing initiatives for Upstart Group and our clients.

In addition, Shanna supports the marketing and sales teams through her management of our CRM and marketing automation tools. She helps to develop and implement lead generation campaigns, and works with marketing and sales on a variety of initiatives.

Jarice brings a diverse administrative background to the Upstart Group team. She has worked in a variety of industries including commercial banking, mortgage lending, accounting, and electronic manufacturing as well as operating her own business for the past 17 years.

As Executive Administrator, Jarice helps with the daily management of Upstart Group. She manages finance and bookkeeping projects, handles contracts, and she provides excellent support to all team members as needed.  Jarice also develops processes to streamline the business and integrate new ideas for improved workflows.

Wendy Hunsberger is an entrepreneurial minded marketer with a broad range of experience including software, hardware, and IT security as well as consumer goods and services. As a marketing manager, completing and managing projects on time and within budget are top priorities. She has proven experience in all facets of marketing such as campaign management, marketing communications, research, event management, and channel marketing programs. Wendy is known for her professionalism and ability to connect with client’s staff, external team members, and management to successfully meet business goals.
Jessica’s excellent writing, editing, research and administrative skills are an asset to Upstart Group and our clients. She brings real-world experience in social media and content marketing, and is certified in SharpSpring, Hootsuite, and HubSpot. Jessica has strong organizational skills, a collaborative style, and the ability to learn quickly. Her contributions to process improvement and tools development continue to benefit our clients. Jessica graduated with honors in Theater Arts from Drew University in 2019.