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BioSeal Systems. Biotech product manufacturing.


BioSeal has a unique patented material and was looking for viable ways to expand their company with growth in new markets and/or products that could be developed using their technology to meet customer needs in other markets.


Upstart Group was engaged through BioSeal's business development consultant to research new market opportunities for the existing product line and technology, to include viability of at least two expansion markets; market opportunity assessment, competitive analysis, and customer analysis (purchaser and end user).


Upstart Group successfully identified 2-4 viable new product and market opportunities for the company. In addition, they identified significant untapped growth potential in BioSeal’s existing healthcare markets and developed recommendations for driving growth in those existing markets.

Posted on:

July 13, 2015


Upstart Group was committed and determined to provide the most comprehensive market study possible. I was truly impressed with the suggestions and direction their team took for my client—in a market that just didn’t seem to have a lot of options.  Upstart Group thinks outside the box, while still understanding the economics needed to implement anything, and are one of the few truly innovative firms I have met.

Upstart Group’s approach is much more effective, efficient and aligned to strategic goals than I have seen from others. I will use Upstart Group every opportunity I get.

Rosemary Paetow, Solutions by Design CEO

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