What’s New in Content Marketing? The Latest Content Trends!

Even for those of us who’ve been in the content marketing game for years, keeping up with the latest content trends can be a challenge. Since the field is constantly adapting to new innovations, it sometimes feels like we’re spending more time researching content marketing strategies than implementing them.

Hubspot's “2017 State of Content Marketing” infographic offers a snapshot of the current trends in content distribution, favored metrics, marketing goals, and other key indicators.

What did they find? Implementation remains a challenge for marketers, although leaders strongly believe in the effectiveness of content marketing.

Two fun facts from the research:

  1. Most content-related challenges stem from internal issues (understaffing, budget, etc.)
  2. Content marketing budgets continue to grow, up from just 10–20% of an average company’s marketing budget in 2015 to 23% in 2016.

Check out Hubspot's full article for more content trends.