Strengthen Your Revenue Stream by Controlling Your Qualification Process

Today’s market is driven by qualification and validation given the increased availability of information and a buyer’s deepened desire to educate themselves before purchasing. Now more than ever, customers are turning to e-books, articles, case studies and peer reviews, deeply immersing themselves into the marketing process before making a decision. A funnel's design and implementation can either help or hinder the sales process based on a company’s control of the buyer’s journey.

Some estimates predict that half of all customers go through a multistage journey, of which the marketing team guides 60%. However, companies that do not have an aligned sales and marketing force are finding their efforts can be ultimately wasted if they are cultivating and delivering unqualified leads.

Businesses that facilitate a cohesive sales and marketing force tend to breed profitability and have seen sales win rates increase by 15% and company revenue rise by 25%. Companies who design a marketing-driven model that influences the customer’s journey through the funnel, creating accountability and optimizing the quality of leads delivered to the sales team, are models that encourage overall success. Continuing to impede sales and marketing teams from aligning restricts the ability for a company to reach its full revenue potential.

CEOs who embrace the distinctions between sales and marketing, yet insist that the two revenue-driving resources work in lockstep with each other and share the responsibility for revenue generation and growth, are commanders who create innovative results.

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