How Design Sprints Facilitate Collaboration and Growth

The business landscape continues to evolve exponentially. Keeping up, let alone staying ahead can seem daunting, however reframing your mindset and your approach can provide relief, innovation and purposefully driven progress.

In conjunction with a lean approach, businesses that implement a sprint session or series see tangible results by combining intellect and talent with diversity and open-mindedness. For example, a Nordstrom team camped out in the accessories department of one store and, using immediate testing with customers, built and launched an app for comparing sunglass styles in a few days.

Sprints create an opportunity for teams to collaborate and revolutionize flawed designs, concepts, and stagnant models through a more human-centered approach. Beginning with market research and utilizing a mixed team of disciplines including a marketing component, cross-functional teams are producing powerful results.

Strategic design starts with creating an opportunity then capitalizing on the generated momentum to build success. Coupled with an active “yes” attitude and open-mindedness, a sprint approach allows untapped collaboration to be the catalyst to your company’s innovative engine.

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