Spruce Up Your Marketing Database for Better Results

Your marketing database is the fuel that propels your whole business forward, but not enough companies grasp the importance of maintaining a clean database. While executives are often worried about reducing the number of contacts in their database, the compounding costs and consequences of dirty data may be dragging your entire marketing engine to a halt.

According to ReachForce, dirty marketing data can cost tens of thousands of dollars thanks to “bad personalization, email deliverability issues, [and] inability to properly analyze and segment” data—just to name a few problems. In its recent report, B2B Marketing and Data Technology Strategy ReachForce found that “improving data quality and accuracy is a most challenging barrier to success for 48% of B2B marketers.” To create a maintainable marketing database, ReachForce’s spring cleaning suggestions include:

  • Parting with contacts that don’t fit or exist anymore
  • Committing to get data organized
  • Documenting your data management processes and best practices
  • Using the power of your marketing automation tool to help clean your data and keep it healthy

The recent implementation of GDPR has highlighted the importance of clean data. We recommend taking the steps to make your database an even more valuable and effective asset for your company.

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