Social Media Speak: Do Your Posts Resonate With Your Customers?

Is your brand personality reflected in your social media messaging? Does it ring true to your customers?

If not, it’s time to make some adjustments.

One common pitfall that many brands fall into is using language that’s trendy or hip but is clearly misaligned with their company voice. Look at it this way: Using slang like “lit” or “fam” likely won’t resonate with your audience if you’re a structural engineering firm known for your professionalism.

It all comes down to your audience and speaking their language. Chances are, an architect or developer considering retaining your engineering services won’t be sold by an uncharacteristically hip tweet addressing them as “fam.”

We get it: you want to be catchy, and you want to drive readers to click. But don’t stray too far afield—stay in line with your customers and their expectations.

Hootsuite’s latest post on social media vocabulary offers a quick refresh to help marketers clean up their act and avoid the cliched phrases, overused jargon, and other faux pas that we all fall into every once in a while.

Just remember: When it comes to social media messaging, the key is staying true to your brand voice.

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