Robust Content Delivery Drives Successful ABM Programs

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) may be a big buzzword among B2B marketers these days, but many ABM programs still fall short of their conversion goals. Why?

Part of the problem is that ABM marketers lose sight of the people behind the accounts they’re targeting, suggests Elle Woulfe in a recent ABM Leadership Alliance article. “It’s important to remember that while the focus of ABM is driving engagement at accounts, we’re still marketing to people. We need to get their attention, engage them, educate them, and qualify them,” explains Woulfe.

And what is the essential ingredient for engaging, educating, and qualifying leads? Content.

“We need to get those people [behind the accounts] to the point where they’re sales ready, and we do this by winning hearts and minds, and educating buyers through the consumption of content.”

For accounts with multiple decision makers on deck, it takes a lot of content to push them down the sales funnel. Woulfe offers three strategies for delivering more effective content to support an ABM program:

  1. Personalize the entire sales journey (not just the door!)
  2. Nurture anonymous visitors just like they’re known contacts
  3. Change how you define a “qualified lead” – clicks are no longer enough

Want more ideas for adjusting your ABM strategy to deliver more effective content? Read Woulfe’s full ABM Leadership Alliance article.

What techniques have you found effective in making ABM a success for your organization?