Make Workplace Humor Part of Your Corporate Culture

CEOs make a lot of choices when it comes to encouraging a certain corporate culture (like Google putting in an office bowling alley), but one of the most important things a CEO can encourage is workplace humor. According to Gallup, “a staggering 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged” in their work, resulting in poor work performance, due in part to stressful work conditions.

In a recent article, executive leadership guru Greg Bustin covered the importance of workplace humor in corporate culture, noting how executives can help bring people together, build trust within teams, stimulate creative thinking, and break the tension in tense situations through humor.

Bustin reminds readers that they “don’t have to be a stand-up comic to be humorous or even witty. Just be authentic. Be observant. Connect the dots, then bring your unique perspective to others with a smile.”

When CEOs and executives are willing to crack a joke and join in on the fun, employee morale may go up as a result. Workplace humor makes the workday more enjoyable, and that goes a long way towards making employees more engaged and more productive.

There’s a fine line to walk with humor, whether it’s in the workplace or part of your marketing strategy. If you’d like advice on how to engage your target market more effectively, sign up for one of our complimentary 90 minutes strategy sessions.