Getting Leadership Goals Right in the New Year

No matter how big or small your business, setting yearly leadership goals is essential to your future success. Establishing clear goals keeps you focused and on-track, moving your business forward.

But, not everyone's goals are the same. As leaders, we tend to see our companies from a certain viewpoint: top-down. That is only one perspective, and as David Peck reminds us in an article for the The Huffington Post, the bottom-up perspective can be very enlightening.

At the top, we can’t see all the opportunities or issues that might be limiting our business. Peck suggests that to remedy this blind spot, leaders need to solicit input from their colleagues and employees. Then, apply that input to establish goals that are meaningful to both leadership and employees. It’s a timely reminder to business leaders to get out of their own way and not let micro-management stifle business growth.

With that in mind, Peck also recommends setting leadership goals that build off of what you’ve learned in previous years – while keeping your long-term plans in mind. Take time to make sure you're heading in the right direction to reach your long-term milestones, and readjust your strategy if needed.

And once you've identified your annual goals, make sure to communicate them to your employees. Be strategic with your messaging so that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same targets.

Your yearly leadership goals can set the tone for your business in 2018, so it's essential that they’re clearly thought out and that your employees are on board to ensure success.

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