How Can You Make Your Content Matter? Try Business Storytelling

Over $300 million dollars will be spent on content marketing in 2019, according to Bill Borrelle at That’s a lot of new content flooding the online market that you’ll need to compete with daily. Enter business storytelling: if done right, it can be an effective way to cut through the digital noise.

Remember that everyone loves a good story.

Business storytelling is an effective marketing technique because it allows customers to emotionally connect with your content. By incorporating shared experiences and emotions, content with your company’s story behind it establishes rapport with your customers from the start, demonstrating that you understand how they feel.

Still not sure if storytelling is the way to go? B2B buyers are twice as likely to purchase from a brand if they’ve made an emotional connection with it through content marketing, says Borrelle. That’s a lot of potential business created through an emotional connection.

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