Experiential Marketing: The Battle For Consumer Attention

The digital marketing world is noisy and crowded—it’s hard to stand out from the avalanche of digital marketing that bombards consumers on a daily basis.

What can a business do to grab consumer attention?

Savvy companies have turned to event marketing, stunts, and other dramatic marketing events that promote consumer participation. Todd Wasserman details some of these marketing tactics in a recent CMO.com piece, including Nike’s highly-advertised two-hour marathon to launch their latest shoe and Mattel’s mini-series competition televised on ABC to launch their latest toy.

Such events require significant effort and money, making them risky marketing ventures. It can also be difficult, if not impossible, to relate such events back to ROI. Despite this risk, experiential marketing tactics appear to be extremely effective at focusing consumer attention on a product or brand and cementing brand-related memories in people’s minds.

In the battle for consumer attention, such innovative marketing experiences are becoming more and more common as businesses try to stand out from the crowd.

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