Decisions, Decisions: Web Copywriting or Content Writing?

We’ve all heard the oft-repeated phrase, “content is king,” and we cannot emphasize enough how important good writing is to support an effective marketing strategy. But do you know the different types of online writing that are essential to drive your digital marketing efforts? We’ve said this before, but it’s definitely worth repeating: there’s more than one form of digital writing – and the difference matters, a lot.

Last month, we talked about how to choose the right writer for your marketing needs, and it sparked some great conversation from readers who never understood the nuances between content writers and copywriters. Here’s a little refresher: good copywriters drive sales while effective content writers support thought leadership.

To drive our point home, we’ve curated this helpful infographic from MarketingProfs illustrating the key differentiation points between web copywriting experts and content writing specialists.

Here’s the long and short of it (see what we did there?)…

Read MarketingProfs' full article here. Make sure to choose wisely when it comes to finding writing talent for your content marketing program!

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