Enhancing Knowledge of Customers Aligns Marketing Strategy

Most companies think they know exactly what their customers want: their preferences, likes/dislikes, and other factors that influence their purchasing decisions. The truth of the matter is, robust research and competitive analysis must occur in order to plan an effective marketing strategy optimized for business growth.

By digging deep into research, companies uncover patterns, behaviors, and perceptions that are often unknown. A key tactic to driving this research effort is an effective customer interview.

It might seem that interviewing customers is a relatively straightforward task, but it’s critical to first identify the correct customers to interview. It could be tempting to approach established allies of the brand or the most active customers, but a more diverse mix that includes potential or lost customers can give a company better insight into the “why” and “what” aspects of what influences their decision-making.

Another critical piece to tailoring marketing strategy is qualitative data analysis. By analyzing customer feedback from interviews, a company discovers patterns or behaviors that drive their buying preferences and purchasing decisions. This heightened awareness focuses marketing strategy to better engage customers, which results in increased conversions and revenue growth.

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