Create Company Culture to Empower Your Brand

Savvy business leaders know they need to create company culture in a way that reinforces organizational values and invests in its employees to ensure long-term success. A great company culture will help your employees feel valued, and in turn convert them into your biggest brand advocates.

In order to create a winning, people-centered culture in your company, business leaders need to employ internal marketing tactics to engage team members. Spending time and resources to create company culture may not seem to directly affect revenue, but marketing to your customers is just part of the success equation.

Because if your employees don’t buy into your company’s vision and culture, why would your customers?

Tim Kopp at CMO to VC recently shared his tried-and-true tips to create company culture. He reminds us that “Your employees are the secret weapon in unlocking truly authentic brand experiences.” Kopp advises:

  • Making sure employees know how they contribute to the company’s success
  • Providing clear ownership and a budget for internal culture development and marketing
  • Recognizing the value of your employees’ work, the importance of teams, and the drive to contribute to a greater purpose
  • Providing a variety of ways for team members to experience the company culture depending on their interests and personalities

To grow your business, you need to create company culture that ensures your employees grow as well. Using internal marketing, you can develop a culture to engage and inspire employees to work together towards the success of your company.

If you need help creating a great company culture and harnessing the power of marketing both internally and externally, Upstart Group can help. Contact us or sign up for a complimentary strategy session to get the direction you need from one of our expert CMOs.