Cracking the Content Code

According to a article, lack of personalization and huge content volume is making it more difficult to grab the attention of potential customers. How can businesses combat this challenging problem?

To stand out in today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever before to understand your customers and what they want delivered to them. Martha Mathers, managing vice president and senior research leader at Gartner says, “When consumers can easily find what they are looking for, they are far more receptive to learning more and buying a product.”

1. Engaging in the New Era.

Consumers are extremely selective with the kinds of content they want to see as well as where they want to see it and on what devices.

      • The rise of video: Video content has become increasingly popular with the 18-35 age demographic.
      • Migration to online content: Consumers are moving away from TV and focusing their time on social media, search engines, websites and newsletters.

2. Know Your Audience, and Where to Meet Them.

To really strike a match with your customers you need to connect with them using the right messaging in the right place.

      • Customer research will help you identify your customer preferences and uncover how and where they get their information.
      • Then when developing content, remember what your customers want and remove anything that may distract them from the end goal.
      • Test your content to figure out what your highest converting pieces are.

3. Make Your Content Visible.

Learning what matters most to your audience is only half the battle.

      • Optimize visuals for different platforms to give customers a seamless experience across platforms and devices.
      • Publish content in high profile locations so consumers can easily view it.
      • Take advantage of data analytics and marketing automation to personalize the customer experience.

If you build a strong content strategy based on knowing your audience and what’s important to them, you’re on the right track for maximum visibility in a crowded marketplace.

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