CEOs Prepare for Growth Despite Economic Turbulence

As many of you know, each quarter, Vistage conducts a survey of its small business CEOs to gain insight to their outlook on the U.S. economy and their own businesses. The results from the latest survey come as no surprise. With the recent dip in GDP growth, many CEOs are preparing for some degree of economic turbulence in the coming months.

The 2019 Business Outlook

Is your business outlook for 2019 in line with the CEOs surveyed by Vistage? It appears that CEO confidence in the economy has recently retreated.  In a WSJ/Vistage Small Business CEO survey done in December 2018, one third of the 633 small-business CEOs expected the economic conditions to decline in the coming year.

However, new prospects for their business this year remain promising. Despite the predictions of the declining condition of the economy, CEOs remain optimistic about their revenue, with 70% expecting increased revenue in the year ahead. CEOs are also anticipating growth in their workforce, with 64% planning to expand their workforce in 2019.

Get Real Results From Your 2019 Strategy

If you’re like the CEOs in the latest Vistage report, your business outlook remains favorable in spite of the recent dip in economic growth. Get real results by implementing a marketing strategy to meet your 2019 growth goals. Schedule a free strategy session with one of our fractional CMOs today.