For Businesses, Sustainability Is No Longer Optional

Sustainability is no longer optional for businesses—it’s an expectation.

Customers today expect businesses to promote sustainable practices and offer eco-friendly products. In fact, Forrester research found that 52% of consumers today consider themselves environmentally conscious, up from 42% in 2015.

According to Mercedes M. Cardona at, customer awareness of sustainable business practices has grown so much over the last 15 years that it’s now mainstream. In her latest piece, Cardona highlights the incredible growth of product lines that focus on sustainability, such as Unilever’s Sustainable Living brands—which grew 50% faster than the rest of the company in 2016.

In order to connect with customers and boost sales, businesses not only need to adopt sustainability initiatives, but also publicly broadcast their commitment to these values. Consumers are more likely to choose to purchase from a company that supports sustainable initiatives compared to one that doesn’t. What is your organization doing to remain eco-friendly?

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