7 Steps to Ensure Profitable Conversations

A guest article by AmyK Hutchens, Author, Speaker, and Business Strategist.

Communication is hard... trust me. I know.  I hear your frustrations. I see your anguished eye rolls and feel your clenched jaws. I get that it can be a huge struggle to figure out exactly what to do and say to get a critical conversation to go smoothly.

Tough conversations are attempted and avoided every single day. Performance reviews with C-Players. Disintegrating team dynamics. Negotiations that go sideways or completely stall. Power struggles. Operational inefficiencies that need course correction. These tough conversations challenge us to respond maturely, wisely, empathically and resiliently.

But sometimes knowing exactly…

    • what to say,
    • when to say it,
    • how to say it,
    • how to keep the conversation on track,

heck, how to even get it started, and how to confidently hold your own, so you can create a profitable outcome is: hard, anxiety-inducing, time-consuming, frustrating, paralyzing and a total soul-suck for which many have started using CBD products like this cbd oil roll on.

We’re battling our own self-doubt or lack of communication skills. We’re duking it out between our own wants and desires and the wants and desires of others. We might be having an external conversation with someone while simultaneously having an internal conversation with ourselves or we might just be COMPLETELY FED UP and still tasked with taking the high road. To calm yourself down, you can spend a short portion of your time on games such as daftar roulette online.

[ctt template="2" link="Ma46n" via="yes" ]Knowing how to confidently lead a critical conversation is a game-changing Super Power that will help you create the life you desire.  [/ctt]

In the end, disastrous conversations can make us surrender, fly into a fitful rage, stomp away, sound off, not get the outcome we want or perhaps just avoid these conversations and this person or people all together.  But avoiding the tough conversations will not get you the life you want.

When you know how to confidently and competently navigate the toughest conversations in your life, you can tackle your problems, meet & exceed your goals, sell any product, service or idea, and connect with anyone - all while being your best self.

Knowing how to confidently lead a critical conversation is a game-changing Super Power. And there are 7 steps you can take, starting today, to have more profitable conversations to create the life you desire.

Imagine all the profitable outcomes you can potentially produce when you lead brilliant, kick-ass conversations. Yep, that’s what I’m talking about. You’re gonna strike conversational gold.

Step #1: Get clear on what you want.

Get clear on your specific, desired outcome and how you want to feel.

Step #2: Frame the conversation.

Craft your opening remarks to set the right tone & tenor. Keep the conversation positive and forward-focused.

Step #3: Ask questions.

Focus on hearing the other party’s perspective, thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Rather than getting defensive or judgmental, stay curious and seek to sincerely understand their viewpoint.

Step #4: Map the flow.

What might you discuss first, second, third and last? How might you prioritize or structure the conversation to ensure respect and end constructively? Plan your final destination…map the conversational journey with the end in mind.

Step #5: Select 2-3 key phrases.

What might be a few memorable, positive and repeatable key phrases and messages that will best support your and their outcome?

Step #6: Make an offer or a request or both.

At the end of every profitable conversation you must make an offer or a request.

Words without action will not get you where you want to go - or - get you what you want. Use your words to create an energetic and action focused shift.  What might you offer to do or how might you behave in a different way? Or might you request someone else shift? Get clear on the actions needed by either party to get you your desired outcome.

Step #7: Role-play & rehearse.

With every profitable conversation you MUST prep. Once you put your game plan together you’ll want to rehearse…you’ll want to think through different scenarios.

First, step into the shoes of the director. Second, play your own part. Finally, play the parts of others. You don’t need to act it out, or you can actually role-play a few possible scenes.

At the very least picture the scene on a movie screen and ask: What are my lines? How might they react? What will I say or do if they say X or do Y?

Your POWER to consciously choose your words and your responses puts you in control.  You can steer conversations toward the profitable outcomes you seek… healthier, happier relationships; goals exceeded; deals closed; anxiety reduced; and your best life lived.

Start Having Profitable Conversations Today

Leading a profitable conversation isn’t just about money. Profitability can also include your time used wisely and efficiently because you know how to have the right conversation at the right time in the right way. Profitability can also be measured when you master powerful conversation skills because you’re less frustrated and more sure of yourself. Profitability can absolutely yield dividends when you start to feel less intimidated because you experience less anxiety, your communication skills are honed and all of this makes you stronger.

    • When you start experiencing the power of owning your own voice, you’ll be more CONFIDENT.
    • When you effectively articulate what you want & need and GET WHAT YOU WANT & NEED, you’ll be more influential.
    • When you actively listen so you can respond thoughtfully & wisely and better manage yourself and your relationships with others, you’ll be MORE COMPETENT, MORE CONNECTED AND MORE ENERGIZED. Booyah!

Profitable conversations will let the very best version of you shine, for yourself and with others. Here’s to your profitability!


AmyK Hutchens is an Author, Speaker, Biz Strategist and Cool Aunt.  With an International Speaker of the Year Award, an Amazon best-selling book, and a globally popular online communication program, she’s still keeping it real. To learn more about AmyK, visit www.amyk.com/ppc.


These 7 steps can guide you to have a more profitable conversation about your marketing strategy and revenue goals as well. Put them to the test by reach out to Upstart Group today to book your free marketing strategy session.