“What Great Insights!” Harnessing the Power of Thought Leadership

We’ve said it before: thought leadership done right is incredibly effective. Not just at building brand recognition or bolstering your industry reputation, but at opening the door to talks with the influential buyers you’ve been seeking all along.

Edelman and LinkedIn’s joint study, released earlier this year, documented the power of thought leadership for business-to-business success – as we shared this summer. The infographic developed from this study offers further insights into just how impactful thought leadership can be.

Here are a few highlights:

  • 41% of C-Suite executives solicit RFPs directly from a prospective supplier after seeing their thought leadership.
  • 89% of C-Suite executives experience an increase in their respect for an organization after engaging with thought leadership content.
  • 48% of C-Suite executives decide to give business to an organization as a direct result of reading their thought leadership.

See for yourself just how powerful thought leadership can be – and how to do it right:

Thought leadership infographic with statistics from Edelman study


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