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I was looking for someone who could help me navigate the waters of marketing, branding, and PR when I found Upstart Group. We are a fairly small business and needed help managing the various products, understanding our customers and market potential. We have worked with various consultants in the past, but Upstart Group is different.  They were quickly able to see my long-term vision, and then bring me back down to the tactical initiatives needed in order to reach particular goals.

I love working with Upstart Group because they help me understand how various business initiatives should be pursued, tracked and then analyzed. They have the ability to create strategic and organized plans, which provides me peace of mind because I'm no longer blindly jumping in. I'm now more effectively looking at how my decisions should promote company health and growth, and understanding at a new level how properly preparing for future events will provide the company with the highest return.

The value that I'm receiving from Upstart Group cannot even be quantified because I have not only learned an immense amount from them, but also the expert contacts they recommended are supporting our business to blossom.

I'm excited for the future and know that PME is in good hands with Upstart Group.

Kristin Elliott
Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc CEO

Upstart Group provided us with amazing service, education, and insight. Their ability to see beyond the immediate obstacles to future success was invaluable. Through Upstart Group’s selfless guidance, knowledge, and support we were able to develop a consistent local presence and increase visibility for our organization. Furthermore, their long term vision guidance and knowledge of infrastructure supported CORE Theatrics to find its true form in our community.

We highly recommend Sue Sanford and Upstart Group.

Marianni Groves
CORE Theatrics Founder & Creative Director

I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the strategic groundwork that Upstart Group laid down. We would not have been able to pick up momentum so quickly without it!


Transforming from a small to mid-size company illuminated the need for strategy in all areas of our business, including marketing. Upstart Group helped me realize marketing is so much more than websites and brochures. Not only did they help prioritize initiatives and develop customer focused internal processes, they concurrently tackled marketing strategy, requiring us to take a closer look at our target markets and customer base.

Upstart Group's participation as a member of our C-Suite has been invaluable in bringing marketing perspective to our senior-level planning and discussions.

Heather Dody
Ingenium CEO

As a technical solutions provider much of my business has come from word of mouth. Marketing my business was something that I did not know how to do. Upstart Group taught me the nuances of creating a marketing plan and how to successfully implement it. They demystified the whole process and made it simple for me to understand. I would highly recommend Upstart Group to any company wanting to get a marketing program in place.

Upstart Group will guide you in how to effectively manage the process and invest in what works to increase sales and profits.

Rick Mortensen
Marvelit CEO

Upstart Group’s expertise and collaborative style was invaluable in helping to create a go-to-market strategy. Their market research, business development support, and marketing know-how created new opportunities for my business.

Working with Upstart Group and your team was a smart decision.

Charles Lukey
Technology Hardware CEO

Upstart Group was readily available throughout our whole process. Under a tight deadline, we created with Upstart Group's guidance a presentation that successfully won my company a spot in a tech incubator! Upstart Group offered great suggestions with business strategy, storytelling, copy, design, layout, etc. Not only is their marketing knowledge and expertise top-notch, they were completely respectful of my team’s opinions.

It was truly a quality experience working with Upstart Group!

Samantha Urban
Urban Translations Founder & CEO

Embarking on a true marketing program for the first time, we needed a top-level marketing executive to guide all aspects of marketing, including leading staff to help design a marketing program that would sustain itself into the future. The strategic marketing expertise was invaluable in driving creation and implementation of market research, our strategic brand development initiative, and marketing plan development. Lynn also trained our internal marketing staff to establish clear marketing goals and produce results that support the strategic objectives of our organization.

I would strongly recommend Lynn Fulks as a senior marketing executive resource.

Michele Lambert, MBA
Vista Community Clinic CFO

Working with Upstart Group in CEO training workshops, I understood why market research and creating a thorough marketing plan, was key. Since then, we have created a map for success, revised our business plan, as well as aligned sales goals and messaging strategy to effectively target our intended audience.

Upstart Group's work was invaluable in getting my business launched and off to a good start in achieving our organization’s goals.

Andrea Yoder Clark
YourBecause.Is CEO & Founder

I want to thank Upstart Group and your amazing team in all your efforts and work regarding our strategic realignment project. I am so impressed with the amount and quality of information you presented and the absolute professionalism your team displayed throughout this project.

I am excited that this journey is going to position our business in a much more successful way. Thank you for everything. Upstart Group is amazing!

Wayne Mendezona
Quick Handle Founder and Owner

Upstart Group created a unique showcase for our annual foundation award nominees and finalists, and we were so thrilled with the showcase that we have reorganized our celebration event around this concept.

Their marketing expertise and creativity made the showcase a stand-out success. They are a valued member of our Microsoft Alumni Foundation’s Annual Celebration team.

Marylou Brannan
Microsoft Alumni Foundation Director

Upstart Group did an excellent job of guiding our executive team to consensus on core business decisions leading to a more successful marketing strategy. We are thrilled with the development of our marketing, brand, and website rejuvenation. Their work strengthened the conveyance of our firm’s mission, and in particular, the expression of heart-felt and personal values of our team.

Upstart Group's leadership, interpersonal skills, and management experience have combined to help produce an innovative strategic position for our consulting firm.

Eric Chriss

Upstart Group was my marketing diamond in the rough! Sue Sanford helped me focus on validating my marketing direction, while Lynn Fulks kept me on task for all things marketing. They introduced me to industry experts, suggested new ideas and took control of projects wherever needed.

With their guidance, I was able to reach a pivot point more quickly, setting my start-up company in a new and better direction.

Melanie Kusmik
Educational Software Startup Founder

Thank you Upstart Group for your vital expertise in marketing and branding. Your introductions to resources and professional advice helped to shape our project more successfully.

Your feedback and guidance have been important to us.

Pouria Sanae
Software Technology CEO

Thank you Upstart Group for your invaluable help with developing our marketing plan, and guiding us through the corporate branding process.  I was very impressed with your ability to come in, engage our team in the process, and deliver a corporate identity that perfectly symbolizes the vision, style and culture here at CBSI.

Working with Upstart Group has been engaging, enlightening, informative, and truly enjoyable.

David Suter
CBSI Senior Vice President

Upstart Group was committed and determined to provide the most comprehensive market study possible. I was truly impressed with the suggestions and direction their team took for my client—in a market that just didn’t seem to have a lot of options.  Upstart Group thinks outside the box, while still understanding the economics needed to implement anything, and are one of the few truly innovative firms I have met.

Upstart Group’s approach is much more effective, efficient and aligned to strategic goals than I have seen from others. I will use Upstart Group every opportunity I get.

Rosemary Paetow
Solutions by Design CEO

Working with Upstart Group has been a tremendous benefit to me professionally and personally. There are plenty of marketing companies and professionals in the marketplace today, but when you meet one who takes a personal interest - it really stands out. Lynn Fulks and Upstart Group did just that. With years of marketing experience, they dig into what your real goals are and help identify how your marketing plan can build your business. And they are right there with you when it comes time to execute.

If you want to build your company and brand, Upstart Group is the right place to start!

Wesley Keegan
TailGate Beer CEO & Founder

Our SAAS company performs complex genome analysis and interpretation. Working in a nascent and largely undefined space made identifying and prioritizing our target markets and customers a challenge.  Through our work with Upstart Group we were able to clarify our strategy, prioritize markets, and outline customer segments. Their sound advice and counsel helped propel us to the next level in our company's development.

I would recommend Upstart Group as a strategic resource for any growth oriented company.

Dr. Ashley Van Zeeland, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Cypher Genomics CEO

It has been a pleasure working with Upstart Group. Their commitment, enthusiasm and strong sense of team has played out to rave reviews from our clients. They go the extra mile to teach marketing principles and create dynamic marketing plans that truly support client's business enterprises.

Upstart Group brings a balance of understanding the big picture along with the practical application of marketing strategies to ensure coherent, responsive messaging, brand development, and revenue growth.

Russell Davis
Venture Fund Managing Member

Working with Upstart Group provided us with great insight and clarity on our marketing strategy and brand image. Our most valuable lesson was the critical need to gather primary and secondary market research in order to support our market strategy. They brought great energy, ideas and organization to the table.

We look forward to implementing many of these ideas to help us in the commercialization of our medical diagnostics technology.

Francisco Hernandez-Guzman, PhD, MBA
BioTech Healthcare CEO

Upstart Group's guidance in researching target markets and refining goals resulted in superior clarity in developing our overall marketing plan and strategy.  Upstart Group’s expertise was exactly what I needed at a critical time in our development, and will certainly lead to measurable results for my company.

My only regret is that we didn't meet sooner!

Brenda Holtzclaw
Beauty Banking CEO

Upstart Group developed our marketing strategy and managed our marketing efforts with solid leadership skills and resourceful execution, all with diplomacy and a sense of humor. They were efficient, insightful, diplomatic, creative, and solution oriented. Upstart Group integrated seamlessly with our existing leadership team, and not only launched our product, but stepped into a critical role managing product development.

With Upstart Group, I was able to focus on my role as CEO knowing that I had an experienced and capable marketing team committed to my success.

Joe O’Neill
Information Security SAAS Founder & CEO

Upstart Group opened our eyes to how much we were flying blind in business marketing. Their incredible talent for finding hard data about customers, markets and competitors allowed us to start making well informed decisions that we could stand behind. Upstart Group’s unique ability to help people see what really matters in their business empowers business owners to look toward the future strategically and find new and creative ways to move their organization to the next level.

Start working with Upstart Group and you will see a whole new world of business appear before your eyes.

Paul Shockley
Anacom Media CEO

I thought I just needed a website, but Upstart Group took one look at my brochure and asked, "What does your company do?" They worked with me to clearly outline my services and distill exactly why I'm different from my competition. This new way of presenting my company resonates with my prospective customers and I'm getting great results.

Thanks for showing me the power behind strategic targeted marketing.

David Davis
Winwood Design Owner


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