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Quick Handle had been providing sports training and coaching for a number of years.  Competition had increased in their markets and the challenge of attracting and retaining their customers was a concern to the company.  In addition, the family owned business was beginning a leadership transition and needed to develop a solid strategic direction and updated go-to-market strategy.


Upstart Group was retained to guide the company in developing a more effective approach to their marketplace. Upstart Group conducted internal research with stakeholders, competitive market research and audits, and a strategic marketing workshop with management and key stakeholders.  Through the workshop process Upstart Group and Quick Handle worked as a team to clarify their vision, mission, and values for more effective positioning; identified and refined their priority target markets and customers; and uncovered core operational and business challenges that were impacting the brand and marketing success.


Upstart Group delivered a strategic marketing plan, completed a social media and competitive analysis with recommendations for how to more effectively drive awareness and growth, and a company SWOT analysis. We also helped the stakeholders and owners identify critical organizational issues and made recommendations for addressing those challenges in moving forward. At the end of the marketing workshop, the team was more cohesive, hopeful, enthusiastic, and clear in their vision for creating a stronger company.

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February 11, 2015


I want to thank Upstart Group and your amazing team in all your efforts and work regarding our strategic realignment project. I am so impressed with the amount and quality of information you presented and the absolute professionalism your team displayed throughout this project.

I am excited that this journey is going to position our business in a much more successful way. Thank you for everything. Upstart Group is amazing!

Wayne Mendezona, Quick Handle Founder and Owner

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