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Ingenium, recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies for the fifth year in a row, was experiencing limitations in organizational structure and scalability. As the firm’s senior executives launched into strategic and business planning, and reorganizing the firm for scalable growth, they realized that there was a marketing gap in the C-Suite. Additionally, while their marketing tactics were running smoothly, there was not a clear marketing strategy driving the tactics in support of the organization’s objectives.


Ingenium engaged Upstart Group for their expertise and to serve as Acting Chief Marketing Officer. Upstart Group as a member of the C-Suite contributed to developing the corporate strategic plan, drove development of a marketing strategy and roadmap as well as tactical marketing plans, and managed Ingenium's marketing team. Working closely with the Director of Innovation (R&D), Upstart Group developed business intelligence data to define target market strategy, and developed and implemented program feasibility and launch plans. As acting CMO, they determined that marketing and sales alignment, resources, and infrastructure were needed to increase effectiveness. Upstart Group recommended a sales strategy consultant to help with this development. They worked closely with the sales strategist and sales management to ensure sales processes and technology were in place to take advantage of marketing initiatives, develop effective sales tools mapped to the new sales process, and begin to measure and track results. In the tactical marketing arena, Upstart Group managed internal and external team resources to complete development on an updated website, create new sales collateral and tools, managed existing and developed new content and digital marketing initiatives, and developed processes for determining trade show strategy, management, tactics, and measurement.


Participating in long-term strategic planning as a member of the C-Suite, Upstart Group has led marketing’s business contribution and cross-functional collaboration within the executive team. Business intelligence is driving strategic decision-making regarding target markets and customers, and the sales and marketing teams are closely linked and collaborating. The CMO also kicked off disaster operations and communications planning initiatives, as well as public relations efforts and a new program launch which are generating positive press and sales leads.

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July 15, 2015


Transforming from a small to mid-size company illuminated the need for strategy in all areas of our business, including marketing. Upstart Group helped me realize marketing is so much more than websites and brochures. Not only did they help prioritize initiatives and develop customer focused internal processes, they concurrently tackled marketing strategy, requiring us to take a closer look at our target markets and customer base.

Upstart Group's participation as a member of our C-Suite has been invaluable in bringing marketing perspective to our senior-level planning and discussions.

Heather Dody, Ingenium CEO

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