Digital Buzz: Is Interim C-Level Talent Right for Your Company?

Altus Alliance's interview with author of Leadership on Demand: Why Smart CEO’s Use Interim Talent to Drive Revenue, Paul Travis, touches on a pivotal decision that many C-Suite executives at small-to-medium enterprises (SME) face: whether to hire full-time executives or opt for fractional support. SMEs currently experiencing rapid growth - or seeking to position their organization for scalability - yet still working with limited resources may find that an interim, short-term, or fractional executive model is a better fit for their needs.

Given the rapidly changing nature of the business environment, having leadership available "on demand," as Travis puts it, is essential to guide the ship during the months it takes to recruit and hire a long-term executive - if that's the direction the company is headed. "Interim revenue-generation leadership is particularly well suited in these times," Travis explains, "because of the ability to match the skills set with the unique challenges of the moment."

A fractional model can be equally effective to meet growing organizations' marketing leadership needs. An interim CMO can guide development of a big-picture marketing strategy and plan, which can then be handed over to the marketing management team for implementation.

Check out the full interview from Revenue:Action for Travis's advice to CEOs and other business leaders on this subject, and learn more about his book here.