Help! How Do You Leverage Quality Content Across Your Organization?

Fitting together your company’s various marketing technologies, all while keeping your disparate, high-quality content corralled effectively, can feel like working with the most complicated jigsaw puzzle in history. You may want to store past high-performing Facebook posts while tracking PPC ad content and also documenting previous blog topics and their associated analytics. To complicate matters further, valuable content is created across the organization in departmental silos, resulting in missed opportunities, doubled efforts, and higher costs.

It can be a tad overwhelming, to say the least.

We can attest to the fact that many organizations today, ourselves included, have cobbled together a makeshift system when it comes to documenting, storing, and tracking their content and related digital assets. Companies often struggle with developing a streamlined solution to this problem.

Finding a Solution

While the right system for corralling and leveraging quality content is different for every company, Webdam’s recent e-book, The Core Four: Essential Marketing Technologies, introduces one potential solution: digital asset management.

A kind of superglue that merges your various marketing technologies (from CRMs to MAPs to CMS), digital asset management platforms – DAM for short – claim to solve the content overwhelm problem by offering a much-needed centralized system to link content marketing endeavors: easing internal content development and creative workflow, making content accessible, storing digital assets, and keeping the narrative consistent across all platforms.

Webdam is one of several DAMs on the market today. Other popular DAM systems include Northplains, Canto, Widen, and OpenText.

No Consensus Yet

There’s no denying that organizations, marketing teams in particular, are overwhelmed with the constant barrage of new tools and solutions for content marketing. While DAM sounds like it’s a technology that could be used to solve a very real issue by helping keep your quality content corralled and accounted for, the jury is still out from our perspective.

Have you implemented DAM or other solutions to manage your content? We’d love to hear how other organizations are addressing this problem.


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