From Microsoft to Upstart Group; Meet our Co-Founder Lynn Fulks

Originally from the Dallas/Ft Worth area, our President and Co-Founder Lynn Fulks’ story spans many countries. Until the age of 13, she grew up living around the world, with her first passport stamp dated at just 6 weeks old for Nigeria. Lynn’s love of travel is still a prominent part of her life, including a recent diving trip to Cuba. But when Lynn makes it back to land, this ex-Microsoftie is all business.

A recent article by SD Voyager highlights Lynn’s career which started in Mobile, Alabama; her first position as a Marketing Manager. Eventually, she was recruited by Microsoft as a Senior Marketing Manager where she first met now business partner, Sue Sanford.

After a 6.5 year sailing trip in the Caribbean, Lynn decided there was more to work than a 8-5 corporate experience. While visiting her best friend, now CEO of Upstart Group, Sue Sanford, the two brainstormed how their experience could be turned into a value proposition for small to medium sized businesses.

In 2010, the two launched Upstart Group, providing fractional Chief Marketing Officers, Marketing Managers, and Marketing Coordinators for companies that don’t need a full time employee in any or all of those positions.

Professional headshot of Upstart Group's President and Co-Founder, Lynn Fulks.

"Although we have the capacity to provide a fully external marketing department, most clients call for a mixture of the Upstart Group team members and existing marketing resources within the company. This framework improves results and increases job satisfaction throughout the working relationship."  

- Lynn Fulks, President and Co-Founder of Upstart Group 

Upstart Group is not your typical marketing firm.  Upstart Group's services are specifically designed to continue working alongside the C-Suite long after marketing strategies have been developed and implemented. As Fulks explained in the SD Voyager article, strategic marketing touches every part of the company and a unique feature of Upstart Group's business is that CMOs are an active participant in the C-Suite. This allows our CMOs to bring their wealth of experience from other companies to the boardroom.

From Microsoft to entrepreneur, Lynn’s story unfolds as she continues her relentless pursuit of productivity. Read the full story here. To learn more about Lynn Fulks or to speak with Upstart Group about growing your business, book a free strategy session.

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