Business Success Tips from the Top

Sorting out helpful business tips from all the online noise these days can be difficult, which makes getting advice straight from the top—successful CEOs, to be exact—extremely valuable.

Recently, some Silicon Valley CEOs shared their personal insights and tips for business success at a panel discussion showcased on Wrike.

According to these CEOs, the one thing that all business leaders need to keep in mind is their customer. Andrew Filev, CEO of Wrike, said, “The challenge is to give people something that truly solves their problem.” While it may be tempting to provide the flashiest, most modern product on the market, if that product doesn’t meet your customers’ needs, they won’t be satisfied. By providing your customers with solutions that target their needs, you’re more likely to achieve business success.

A second key theme for success was the importance of teamwork and collaboration. “I was always a believer in the power of what a smaller group of people can do. You can see an impact, even in your own level of energy and what you put into it. The outcome is very visible,” says Filev.

Participants warned that no man, woman, or CEO is an island. Your employees can make or break your business success, so CEOs advise supporting them in ways that maximize their contributions and creativity. “I think for all of us, the number one thing about building a great company is the employees. Give them greater tools, better devices, allow them to work at home, and in other offices,” said Eric S. Yuan, CEO of Zoom.

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