How We Help

Strategy: By creating alignment between your business strategy and your marketing/sales strategy, your business can be an “Upstart” success. Our marketing executives are core advisors with industry-specific knowledge, an instinctive capacity for strategy, and the ability to train and execute – all on a lower-risk, part-time basis.

Tactics Count Too: At Upstart Group, we go beyond the strategy to ensure that your marketing programs and initiatives are put into play to drive business growth. You get the advantage of highly experienced category experts working together as part of the Upstart Group team. Whether it’s brand strategy and development, a new website, digital marketing, social media, SEO, PR, partner marketing programs, sales materials, advertising or any other “marketing” related tactic, we create and implement your marketing on-time and on-budget.

Get your own team of marketing experts when you need them most and Upstart your business today!

It all starts with you. We listen and learn. Then with a clear understanding of your challenges and goals, we tailor a program that fits you.

We develop your marketing strategy and manage implementation so you can keep your eye on the big picture. You get senior-level marketing expertise without the cost and commitment of a full-time Director of Marketing.

We’ll fill the role for whatever duration you need, and even help you find the right full-time fit when you’re ready to hire.

Tell us what you need

Whether it’s product positioning, messaging, or full-blown strategy plus action plan, our virtual team of talented professionals is ready and raring to help.

Our signature and most popular service designed expressly for startups or small businesses that need to launch a product, or grow market share, and generate revenue quickly.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll get:

  • Strategic plan defining markets, channels, and customers
  • Launch timeline plus action plan leading up to, including, and following launch
  • Competitive analysis to refine product differentiation
  • Messaging platform and marketing tools to drive sales
  • Plans for PR, social media marketing, advertising, and channel partners, as needed

We’ll manage your marketing initiatives leading up to and during launch. After launch, we’ll stick with you or you can fly on your own until you need us again.

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Starting from scratch or revamping and need solid plans to pave the way? We’ll help you create business and operational plans that set the foundation for future growth.

If you’re seeking funding and need an investor presentation to rock their socks, we can help with that too.

Need help steering your business to success? Let’s make a plan

Need short-term marketing expertise on a particular project or event? We’ll manage, initiate, research, or execute as needed to get the job done.

Examples of how we might help:

  • Research new markets and provide a report with recommendations for market expansion
  • Conduct competitive analysis to help clarify product differentiation
  • Develop and manage marketing events, including event content and speaker management
  • Manage content development for website or other marketing/sales materials

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Would you like to hear more? Listen to Upstart Group’s Lynn Fulks talk on marketing for growth.